Stay on top of your broadband modem installs with TruVizion's Post-Install report. Watch this quick 2 minute video to see the reporting features in action. 

Intuitive and Organized

Unlike some diagnostic applications, TruVizion isn’t “shelf-ware”. It has a wealth of useful data and powerful features all wrapped up in an intuitive interface. TruVizion will help your CSRs, technicians and engineers reduce operational costs, improve your broadband network, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Maps that are useful

Mapping is really only useful if you can use the map to resolve issues. In TruVizion you can filter out the noise by mapping only specific subscribers based on the online status of the modem, RF alert levels or network location. It’s the perfect tool for tracking down and resolving outages and those pesky network issues.

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A historical perspective

You may have heard it said that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. TruVizion remembers the past so you don’t have to. You’ll have up to 90 days of historical modem readings right then, when you really need them. Chart a modem’s readings with one click, and compare it with up to five others.

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Diagnostics in your hand

Wouldn’t you love to pull out your smartphone and quickly see how a subscriber’s modem is performing? Consider it done. With TechVizion, our mobile app for TruVizion, you can have the power of TruVizion right in the palm of your hand. Easily query a modem to see current and historical stats and compare with others.

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  • With the live data, historical reporting and mapping in TruVizion, we don't have to send our techs out in the field to chase down problems.–Tony Ashcraft, Crestview Cable

  • We had a storm outage the other day and we were able to pinpoint where an amp was down before our crew ever left the building. A great money and time saver.–Jeff Cracraft,Limestone Cablevision

  • We saw an immediate drop of 30% in our average talk time using TruVizion, plus we can quickly identify on the same screen if other subscribers on that port would be experiencing similar problems.–Jason Young, VP Support Services